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ChatGPT for SEO: 20 Ways to Leverage ChatGPT in your SEO Activities by Aleyda Solís


Jan 12, 2023

Search Engine Optimization and ChatGPT • How Does This Impact Business?

The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI (chatbot built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 that interacts in a conversational way) at the end of last month became a tipping point for AI that took the world, including the SEO industry, by storm due to the comprehensiveness and quality of answers, even making Google’s management to issue a ‘code red’ due to its rising popularity to look for information.

However, it’s important to be aware of its limitations, many of which were explained at the time of its release, and in this and this comprehensive guides covering ChatGPT by Roger Montti, like not being aware of content created after 2021, built-in biases, and ultimately, the fact that featuring purely AI generated content violates Google’s guidelines.

Specifically, Barry Schwartz covered how when asked about “Using AI to plagiarize the content, modify it, and then outrank in search results?” Google has mentioned that:

Scraping content, even with some modification, is against our spam policy.” Google has “many algorithms to go after such behaviors and demote site scraping content from other sites.

However, there are many other use cases for ChatGPT to support our day to day SEO activities -important to highlight the “support” role here, rather than letting it run them completely in autopilot-.

In fact, as explained by Vincent Terrasi here, mastering prompts -instructions to guide a conversation or interaction with AI- will become an important skill for SEOs to generate the desired results, for which there are already resources like “Awesome ChatGPT Prompts”, “ShareGPT” or “LearnGPT” repositories.

There have also been extensions and guides developed to facilitate the usage of ChatGPT, as well as related tools that have been recently launched that are worthy to check out:

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