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31 AI Prompts 
that are better than "Rewrite"
  1. Paraphrase: This is useful when you want to avoid plagiarism.

  2. Reframe: Change the perspective or focus of the rewrite.

  3. Summarize: When you want a quick overview of a lengthy topic.

  4. Expand: For a more comprehensive understanding of a topic.

  5. Explain: Make the meaning of something clearer in the rewrite.

  6. Reinterpret: Provide a possible meaning or understanding.

  7. Simplify: Reduce the complexity of the language.

  8. Elaborate: Add more detail or explanation to a given point.

  9. Amplify: Strengthen the message or point in the rewrite.

  10. Clarify: Make a confusing point or statement clearer.

  11. Adapt: Modify the text for a different audience or purpose.

  12. Modernize: Update older language or concepts to be more current.

  13. Formalize: This asks to rewrite informal or casual language into a more formal or professional style. Useful for business or academic contexts.

  14. Informalize: Use this for social media posts, blogs, email campaigns, or any context where a more colloquial style and relaxed tone is right.

  15. Condense: Make the rewrite shorter by restricting it to key points.

  16. Emphasize/Reiterate: Highlight certain points more than others.

  17. Diversify: Add variety, perhaps in sentence structure or vocabulary.

  18. Neutralize: Remove bias or opinion, making the text more objective.

  19. Streamline: Remove unnecessary content or fluff.

  20. Enrich/Embellish: Add more pizzazz or detail to the rewrite.

  21. Illustrate: Provide examples to better explain the point.

  22. Synthesize: Combine different pieces of information.

  23. Sensationalize: Make the rewrite more dramatic. Great for clickbait!

  24. Humanize: Make the text more relatable or personal. Great for blogs!

  25. Elevate: Prompt for a rewrite that is more sophisticated or impressive.

  26. Illuminate: Prompt for a rewrite that is crystal-clear or enlightening.

  27. Enliven/Energize: Means make the text more lively or interesting.

  28. Soft-pedal: Means to downplay or reduce the intensity of the text.

  29. Exaggerate: When you want to hype-up hyperbole in the rewrite. Great for sales pitches (just watch those pesky facts)!

  30. Downplay: When you want a more mellow, mild-mannered tone. Great for research, and no-nonsense evidence-based testimonials.

  31. Glamorize: Prompt to make the rewrite sexier and more appealing.

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